6th SA TB Conference 2020

02 - 05 June 2020, Durban



You are invited to submit an abstract for consideration by the Scientific Programme Committee for participation at the 6 th SA TB Conference programme. The conference is scheduled to place at the Durban International Convention Centre from 02 -05 June 2020.

The theme of the conference is “Free of TB through Innovation!”


Abstracts will be reviewed according to the following tracks:

Track 1: Clinical Science

Track 2: Basic Science

Track 3: Public Health (Including health Systems and surveillance)

Track 4: Human Rights, Stigma and advocacy

  •  In each of these tracks there will be cross-cutting phenotypes that will include TB/HIV co-infection, drug-resistant TB, paediatric TB, and incipient/ latent TB infection.
  • Across all these 4 tracks there will also be the cross-cutting themes of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and post-tuberculous lung disease.

Abstracts can only be submitted electronically through the SA TB Conference website. Abstracts submitted to the conference secretariat directly through any other means will not be accepted for review. Please draft your abstract according to the headings listed below in no more than 300 words in total. You may draft your abstract in text format only using a word processing software i.e MS Word and then copy and paste the text in the abstract submission box. Note that no graphic images, tables, graphs or columns should be submitted with your abstract.  

Deadline for abstract submission is 20 March 2020

 Guidelines for abstract submissions

The on-line abstract submission system is user friendly. You will be guided through the submission procedure. Please follow the instructions as shown on the webpage. The submitted abstract should contain the following information:

  • Background and Objectives
  • Method
  • Results
  • Conclusion

Abstract Submission Information

TIP: Draft your abstract in text format in MS Word or a similar programme according to the fields described in Step 3 below. Please only use Arial plain font in 10 point. Save it as a document once you are sure the content is ready for submission as an abstract. Copy and paste the text from this document into the field provided under Step 2 of the submission process.

Step 1: Abstract Details
You will be required to complete the following fields:

  • Track
  • Submission type
  • Was the same or similar talk given in SA or abroad
  • Abstract title
  • Authors
  • Author's Mobile Number
  • Author's Work Number
  • Short bio of author
  • E-mail address for nominated author (for reader queries and correspondence)  
  • Abstract Text as per the guidelines below


Step 2: Submission of Abstract Content

Abstracts that report research findings should contain the following concise statements:

Background:        The description of the problem or the hypothesis, the study objectives

Methods:             Study methods used, or approaches taken

Results:               Specific results in summarized form

Conclusions:        Statement about the main outcomes.

Abstracts for reporting on strategies / projects should contain the following concise statements :

Background:       Short statement summarizing the issue(s) addressed by the abstract         

Methods:            A brief description of the project, experience, program, or research

Results:              A brief description of the results or lessons learned

Conclusions:        A brief statement of next steps / recommendation

The following fields will need to be completed under their respective headings:

1. Abstract Information

2. Abstract Title

3. Has the material presented in this abstract been published previously?

4. Preferred presentation: (poster or oral presentation)

5. Preferred track

6. Project Scalability: To scale the described project/activity described to a district /regional/national level, what are the requirements? (new or amended policies, operations, human resources, and financial implications)

Combined text in these fields should not exceed 300 words.

Abstracts can only be submitted in text format – no images or graphs should be included.

 Step 3: Verification of information provided in steps 1 – 2.

All the details that have been provided in the abstract submission process will be presented for verification.  

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