Conference Chairperson

Margot Uys

Dr Margot Uys

Dr Uys has extensive experience and expertise in the strengthening of health systems over the last twenty years bridging the gap from private health care (Life Esidimeni) to public health care and focussing mostly in resource-poor and rural South Africa. Her special interest has always been in tuberculosis management and care. In 2006 she was appointed by Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) as project manager of the that’sit programme, a PEPFAR funded collaboration with the South African Medical Research Council and focussing on TB/HIV integration in public health facilities, one of the first funded projects to focus on HIV care through the TB entry door. She was able to establish a network of TB and HIV integrated care sites in areas of extremes, overcoming a range of challenges across five provinces in South Africa. The project was able to collaborate with and establish support in integrated care to more than 200 clinics in the various Provincial and District Departments of Health in South Africa.  Dr Uys has been co-chair of the 2014 SA TB Conference and has published peer reviewed articles and delivered oral presentations in the field of TB and HIV management and care at various national and international forums. Her current focus is on streamlining systems and managing people in HIV and TB supported care.




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